Friday, June 29, 2007

Adventures with Acrylic Paint

Adventures with Acrylic Paint

Well, this one is kind of complex, so it warrented a blog to explain the steps. Nearly all the materials for this layout came from this June's scrapgoods kit, as did the technique used for the background paper.

First, I used a punch to get the flower outline shape. I punched about 6 of them with some heavy cardstock. Then I applied temporary adhesive to the back and let it dry to sticky. I laid it on the dark blue cardstock and used the cloud blue Adarondak paint dobber to dab over the mask. I lifted the mask up with an exacto knife and repositioned and continued. No, I didn't cover the whole thing, only a 2" band around the outside because that is where people would see.

Next I cut the two large background papers and inked the edges with denim distress ink. Then I applied them to the layout. I stamped the flourish with staz-on. I dyed the square brads blue by rolling silver ones on the staz-on pad (I'm slowly collecting the whole line cause they are so darn useful).

This monogram is kind of detailed. It is a clear on printed on transparency. I turned it over and took a paint brush dipped in water based acrylic varnish and then dipped it in pearl ex. You'll need to mix it a bit on a scrap piece of transparency but it only takes about one drop of varnish and one to two dips in the pearl ex to create enough to do the whole job. Then I painted it into the areas of the transparency. Be sure to DO THIS ON THE BACK of the image as the black parts of the image will be on top of the pearl ex and the detail will be far better (plus, you don't have to be as careful). Next, after it dried, it needed to be protected or it would chip off. So, I laid the entire transparency piece on one of those ultra tacky tape sheets and cut it out. I had my transparency "sticker" and I applied it to the layout.

This one was a lot of work and has a lot of detail. It's so me. I love to work all kinds of subtle details into a layout. And this one was a challenge because I didn't like how the school too horizontal pictures that left all that white space. Ugh. I had to fill it. White space tends to make me anxious. I once subscribed the simple scrapbooks magazine and sent the invoice back with a note: "too simple for me." LOL. I wish I were a simpler scrapper, but I'm driven by my art to do ones like this.


Geri said...

Very Beautiful work... I love the how the monogram turned out!

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