Saturday, June 20, 2009

Maze Book

Stamping Greetings...

My Autistic Son is making us crazy today. Really crazy. How appropriate that I spent a couple of hours today working on this cute little maze book. I got the pattern off of an old TVWeekly Webisode with Trisha Morris from Club Scrap... the maze book. I used up a bunch of scraps and extra tags from the concrete jungle kit to make it... along with some scraps of basic grey paper, and some small pieces of some of the most luscious paper I own... some handmade paper from the club scrap citrus kit. I actually cut into it recently so I had the scraps laying on my table. I find that scraps get used up if I leave them sitting on my table.

Anyway, here's the cover of the book. I made the "button" out of a bead from the kit and some wire. I stenciled on the flowers with Adirondack Denim (used throughout the book). Then some dimensional glue and bling... and a sticker from the kit.

My husband has a special talent... he takes truly AWFUL pictures... Really. I finally found a use for one.

First way to relax... riding my horse.

A page about reading... I read quite a bit. At least an hour a day.

Next comes gardening. My new home in the country is sure needing a LOT of gardening and yard work. Good thing I enjoy it!

Would we all do paper crafting if it didn't lower our blood pressure... I used a picture of the other mini-book I made recently. I resolved to make more minibooks in the future. I LOVE this format. It really releases my creativity.

Next comes tea. Ninety percent of what I drink every day is some form of tea.

I love critters... and we have a lot of them. Three dogs, a cat, 2 horses, a tree frog, and about 30 fish. Horses are #1 but they can't cuddle with you in bed... that's why they made small dogs.

Finally, sewing relaxes me. I enjoy the steady rhythm of sewing quilt blocks together. Mindless yet completely creative. Very relaxing.

There is my Mini-book on the things that help me to "Exhale".
Stampin Smiles!

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Tricia said...

Love your mini book - so nice to have a creative outlet.